System Components
SOFTRAK A complete set of powerful WINDOWS-based programs for human resources info management and payroll processing. Developed using Microsoft Visual
SOFTRAK Timekeeper. Comprehensive and user friendly program for processing employee clock in and clock-out data for time and attendance reporting and payroll processing. Directly compatible with output from Trident's data capture terminals. Can handle unlimited employees and shifts. Available in standard commercial and government version. May be customized to specific client needs.
SOFTRAK HR Manager. Program for managing employees profile.
SOFTRAK EASy. Web-based online program for handling employee inquiries on his HR files.
SOFTRAK Paymaster. Comprehensive and user friendly program for payroll processing and reporting SOF. Handles unlimited employees. User definable tax and deductions, tables and pay related rate schedules. Complies with government reporting requirements. Available in standard commercial and government versions. May be customized to specific needs.
CHRONOCARDS. Personalized or generic badges for logging in or out. Available in laminated laser printed Dupont material,or direct printed PVC material. Available in barcode or RFID versions.
PASSCARDS. Personalized or generic proximity badges for access identification. Available in thin PVC or clamshell HID or EM versions.
CHRONOCARE. Comprehensive maintenance plans for CHRONOLOG. FINGERTRAK and CHRONOPROX data capture equipment. Available in basic plans ( services only) or premium plans ( services and parts). Guarantees regular preventive maintenance visits, unlimited remedial service visits and priority service response.

LINXCARE. Comprehensive equipment maintenance plans for LINXTRAK.

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