Our System Solutions

Human Resources Info Management Systems

Complete systems for the total management of human resources information, configured around our CHRONOLOG, FINGERTRAK and CHRONOPROX front-end data capture terminals, our SOFTRAK Timekeeper, SOFTRAK HR Manager and SOFTRAK EASy software, and our CHRONOCARD personalized credentials. Supports time & attendance monitoring and reporting, HR files management and online inquiries.

We can customize our HRIM systems to the client's exact requirements and link them to the client's existing payroll processing software thru customized middleware.

Payroll Processing

Complete payroll processing systems for client's inhouse use, based on the powerful SOFTRAK Paymaster as platform. Available in commercial and government versions. Fully complies with all current government requirements on pay and tax computation and reporting.

Also available as an outsourced, offsite service, by subscribing to our PAYTRAK packages. Entry level packages cover payroll processing only, time & attendance data to be provided by client. Top- end packages include supply and management of data capture equipment as well. No capital investment needed. Client is billed monthly based on actual payslips processed.

Access Control

Complete systems for the control of entrances and exits, consisting of our CHRONOPROX or FINGERTRAK logging terminals, PASSTRAK access control program and CHRONOCARD personalized credentials. Available in RFID (proximity) and biometric identification technologies.

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